Aquatic Centre - Bernal Oeste

Pileta Comunitaria

The Situation

The city of Quilmes is located 20km south of Buenos Aires, with a population of around 600,000 people. The neighbourhood of Bernal is particularly vulnerable, facing issues of domestic violence and theft, and limited access to education and recreation for children. Young people often take to roaming the streets for lack of facilities and services.

The Project

In collaboration with several other community groups, ISF Argentina is participating in the construction of an aquatic centre for over 1000 children and youth in the area. The centre will provide a safe environment for children to play, socialise and learn to swim in an otherwise disadvantaged and vulnerable neighbourhood.


ISF Argentina's participation is focused on the construction of changing rooms and bathrooms for the facility. This involves the refurbishing and expansion of an existing structure, as well as the construction of new rooms. As part of their vision for sustainable construction, recycled materials such as steel profiles are incorporated into the design, and the integration and repurposing of existing structures reduces both the cost and environmental impact of the project.


Our Involvement

HEIP Teams have contributed over 3000 personnel hours to this project. This has included excavations and foundations, bricklaying and concrete pours. The current team in Buenos Aires are working to finish the internal walls of the abolutions block. This includes some finishing touches such as tiles, and privacy screens.