Creche - Carcova

Jardín Maternal

The Situation

The Cárcova neighbourhood is located 20km North of centre of Buenos Aires, in the San Martin district. Cárcova is home to the oldest slum in Buenos Aires and  struggles with socio-economic issues such as poverty, domestic violence, gender inequality, drug abuse and theft.

From community engagement meetings it was determined that this produces a disproportionately negative impact on single parents, who are left unable to work due to the lack of childcare facilities. This situation alters the family dynamic, generates instability and has repercussions on the opportunities for the future of children and young people in the neighbourhood.

The Project

The project was developed to construct a purpose-built facility for the childcare centre. The facility will enable parents of babies and young children to seek work to support themselves and their family, secure that their children are in a safe, supportive environment. The building will be constructed primarily from recycled construction materials, and utilise natural lighting and ventilation to reduce energy requirements and environmental impact. 

This work aims to facilitate the daily life of families through the construction of a space for care, socialization and education, especially for early childhood. There are also workers from the carpentry shop "Aberturas JR", a previous ISF Argentina project, in order to facilitate the integration between different neighborhood organizations and promote community alliances.

As of July 2018, construction is at approximately 90% completion. The design utilises a steel load-bearing superstructure, using recycled steel profiles. The earthworks were undertaken by the local municipality as part of their collaboration in the project.

Our Involvement

HEIP Teams have contributed over 2000 personnel hours to this project. In July 2017, a team of eight HEIP volunteers completed the earthworks and ground slab for the facility, and made significant progress on structural steelwork.