Drug Rehabilitation Centre - Ramón Carrillo

Centro Hogar de Christo

The Situation

The neighbourhood of Ramón Carrillo is located on the eastern periphery of Buenos Aires. Like many areas on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Ramón Carrillo is a poor neighbourhood whose inhabitants struggle with issues such as lack of employment opportunities, access to education and healthcare, drug addiction and theft.

The centre Hogar de Christo is dedicated to providing education, training, and drug rehabilitation to members of the local community. However, their operations are severely limited due to inadequate infrastructure. The center has a single room and, and what facilities they do have are in precarious conditions. All activities such as workshops, talks and assistance are carried out there, in addition to providing food to 60 people daily. The lack of space for activities, and rooms for people undergoing treatment, means that services are only available to a small number of the people who require them.

The Project

ISF Argentina, in collaboration with other community stakeholders, are participating in the improvement of existing facilities as well as the construction of new buildings for the centre. 

Our Involvement

HEIP Teams have contributed over 1000 personnel hours to this project. In July 2019 the team made significant progress on the necessary geotechnical works, including excavation, leveling, soil improvement and compaction. HEIP participants also started on the foundations for the new structure, preparing reinforcement and concrete footings. The current team in Buenos Aires is working on construction of reinforced concrete beams for the next level of the external walls.