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RE: #firstName #lastName | Work Placement in South America

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to confirm that #firstName #lastName has been offered a position in the Humanitarian Engineering International Placements (HEIP) program.


The program consists of 6 training courses delivered via a combination of webinars, online quizzes and assignments, and a practical in-country component working on a humanitarian engineering project with one of HEIP’s partner organisations. The program is designed to build capacity in engineers embarking on their career and to equip them with the skills to be the humanitarian engineers of the future. A student who has completed the program will have real world experience in a humanitarian engineering project including best practice, and a solid foundation in concepts vital to the engineering profession to support them in their future careers. Students completing this program also benefit from significant personal growth as a result of team work and culture immersion aspects of the practical component.


#firstName will complete the the online training component of the program in the coming months before travelling to #hostCountry to work alongside engineers of all disciplines from #hostOrganisation to design and construct infrastructure for local community NGOs. The in-country portion will include 4 weeks of full-time unpaid work from the #programDates. Upon successful completion of the program, HEIP engineers will sign off on approximately 240 hours of exposure to professional practice. You can see a breakdown of these hours here:

Information about #hostOrganisation can be obtained from their website: More information about the program is available on our website

If you require further information about #firstName or this program, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. My details are provided below.


Liam Richer

BEng (Mech) (Hons)

Placements Coordinator | Engineering Lead

P +61 #phone

ABN 95 618 137 992

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