Partnering with the experts in Humanitarian Engineering

ISF Argentina

Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina (Engineering Without Borders Argentina) is a not-for-profit organisation of engineers and other professionals dedicated to providing engineering solutions to vulnerable communities throughout Argentina. Their numerous projects are in the fields of water and sanitation, sustainable energy, education, housing and the provision of basic human rights. For more information on ISF Argentina and their projects visit their website:

ISF Chile

Ingenieros Sin Fronteras Chile (Engineers Without Borders Chile) is a foundation which explores the power of engineering in the humanitarian sector. Connecting communities, volunteers, students, professionals and anyone who wants to find innovative solutions to societal problems, ISF Chile works to form a collaborative network and create projects which improve quality of life. For more information on ISF Chile and their projects visit their website:

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ESF Brasil

Engenheiros Sem Fronteiras Brasil (Engineers Without Borders Brazil) is a non-profit organization of students and professionals motivated to transform lives and communities through engineering. They had executed more than 500 projects and impacted more than 60 thousand lives throughout Brazil. Now, they have 250 ongoing projects in four thematic axes: education, sustainability, infrastructure and basic assistance, and management/entrepreneurship. For more information on ESF Brasil and their projects visit their website: