HEIP Payments and Cancellation Policy

This policy outlines the way in which Humanitarian Engineering International Placements (HEIP) charges fees. For any queries with regards to this policy, please contact us.

Part Payments

The HEIP Program fee is broken up into three payments; these are:

  • Deposit

  • Progress Payment

  • Remaining Fees

Prior to the due date of the first payment, HEIP provide a document to the participant outlining the amounts and due date of each payment.

Making a Payment

Advice for making a payment to HEIP can be found in the HEIP Portal. Payments are to be made via bank transfer to the account provided on the portal unless an alternative method of payment is agreed upon with HEIP in writing.

When making a bank transfer, the participant must quote the reference number provided on the Portal. A copy of the transfer receipt must be uploaded to the HEIP Portal

HEIP accepts no responsibility for a participant's failure to make the transfer correctly. It is the participant's responsibility to ensure that the correct funds arrive in the provided bank account.

Liability for Fees

A participant must pay the fees by the due date outlined in the provided Participant's pack.


Late payment of fees may incur additional fees at HEIP's discretion.

Failure to pay all program fees before the commencement of the practical component will result in removal of the participant from the program.

Withdrawing from the Program

A participant may withdraw from the Program at any time by contacting HEIP by email to info@he-ip.org. Subject to the following limitations:

  • All fees paid to HEIP are non-refundable.

  • A participant is still liable for any fees for which the due date has already passed.

  • HEIP may amend or refuse to issue any confirmation of hours or participation in the program.

HEIP Cancellation

HEIP may elect to cancel, alter or suspend the program at any time. HEIP will notify the participant in writing via Email. Where the Participant has paid all or part of the program fees, HEIP will undertake one of the following:

  1. Transfer an amount in AUD to the Participant which is equivalent to the program fees less any banking fees and booking fees incurred on the behalf of the Participant; or 

  2. Offer a credit towards a future program equal to the amount paid by the participant.

It is the participant's responsibility to obtain appropriate travel insurance prior to making any travel bookings such as flights. HEIP will not be held responsible for any loss sustained by the participant as a result of this cancellation.